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Qfor ClientScan

Qfor ClientScan (Qfor-version 1997 and 2002) mainly relies on client satisfaction research such as:

  • The level of satisfaction of clients in comparison to their expectations of the evaluated organisation and of the agreements reached with it;
  • The evaluation of the client satisfaction with regard to key positions of the services which the organisation delivered.

The most important task of the auditor consists of collecting opinions of clients by way of structured discussions, to encode and analyse the results and to compare them with the satisfaction criteria of the Qfor ClientScan model:

  • In general at least 80% of the clients must be satisfied or very satisfied.
  • All clients must at least for 80% be satisfied or very satisfied with the aspects under consideration.

When requested, a specific module of questions can be added to the General Qfor model.

The Client Satisfaction Audit  (the Evaluation of services)  (Qfor “ClientScan”) can be executed  alone or in combination with the audit of processes and resources (Qfor “ProcessScan”).

Apart from the above information, data concerning the identity and the specific aspects of the organisation are collected and checked (Qfor “DataScan”).

The different aspects of service which are evaluated, are:

  • The planning
  • The execution
  • The  project management
  • The reporting and the resources used
  • The Trainers/Consultants
  • The Follow Up
  • The client management
  • The administration and logistics
  • The Price-Quality relationship