Obtaining a Qfor certification guarantees all external and internal stakeholders that the Qfor-certified training company or consultancy firm is committed to service quality.

Independent & objective

Qfor-certified organizations went through a positive quality audit by an independent third party. For the audit, the audit firm works according to the standardized Qfor methodology to assess the quality of internal processes or customer satisfaction.

When you work with a Qfor-certified company, you are assured that it pursues quality services and pays attention to the continuous improvement of services and internal operations.

    The strengths of Qfor?

    • Tailored to organizations active within training and consulting
    • Independent and objective evaluation
    • Quality recognition awarded on the basis of a proven audit methodology
    • Quality certificate with wide recognition in the market


    Qfor, a widely recognized quality certificate

    The Qfor certificate is often used by training and consulting organizations as a marketing and communication tool. External recognition enables them to present the quality of their services in a positive light, and to stand out from the competition.

    A number of regional, national and international authorities and professional and sector federations recognize the Qfor certificate as part of access to grants, participation in public tenders or official registration as an approved service provider.

    • The Flemish government, the Walloon government, the Department of Work and Social Economy (WSE), VLAIO (Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), the food industry federation ALIMENTO, Contractor Safety Management (formerly BeSaCC-VCA), the Flemish employers' organization Group MAATWERK, HERWIN the collective for social circular entrepreneurs, the French government and a number of other member organizations.

    A reliable quality certification

    Every Qfor-certified organization went through an external audit according to a set pattern.

    An independent auditing firm such as CertUp conducts the quality audit according to the Qfor methodology. During the audit, customer satisfaction or the internal functioning of the organization is checked against the indicators or quality requirements of the applicable standard. This standard can be generic as well as domain- or sector-specific. There are therefore different types of Qfor-Scans.

    Based on the auditor's report, the Qfor Certification Committee determines whether the organization meets the expectations of the standard and has or has not passed the audit. In the case of a positive assessment, the organization may call itself Qfor-certified for up to 3 years and use the Qfor logo in its communications.

    The Qfor audit management toolkit

    A Qfor quality audit is carried out using a number of instruments whose validity and effectiveness have been proven by practice.

    With the Qfor software, an external auditor or an internal employee can check and assess the various indicators of a standard in an intuitive and qualitative manner. The web application Qfor software serves here as a central and supportive audit tool.

    The Qfor quality model

    The Qfor quality model is derived from a model established in the 1990s. As part of a European partnership, a large-scale research project identified key criteria used by end-users in choosing consulting and learning service providers.

    Since then, the Qfor model has been updated on a regular basis based on current quality expectations, and audit firms in various countries are conducting audits based on the Qfor methodology at numerous learning and consulting organizations.

    What are the benefits of a Qfor-audit?

    A Qfor audit enables an organization to transparently and objectively demonstrate the efforts it makes in terms of quality. The audit also helps to highlight potential areas for improvement in the context of continuous enhancement.

    Independent & objective quality assessment

    Opportunities for improvement transparently highlighted

    A clear view on the quality of internal processes

    Quality assurance for your customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

    Customer satisfaction expressed in their own words

    Enhancing your corporate image and strengthening your reputation

    Which Qfor-audit?

    There are different types of Qfor audits, specifically Qfor scans. Each of the Qfor scans has its own specific standard and indicators. The standard is either generic or specific to the sector or domain in which an organization operates.

    Which Qfor audit is most appropriate depends on the objectives your organization wishes to achieve. The audit office will be happy to provide you further information.

    Qfor ProcessScan

    The Qfor ProcessScan is an audit focused on strengthening and optimizing your internal customer-focused processes.

    Qfor ClientScan

    The Qfor ClientScan is an audit where a representative sample of your customers tell the auditor how they perceive the quality of your services.

    Qfor WSE-Scan

    The Qfor WSE audit is aimed at verifying whether your organization meets the quality requirements of the Department of Work and Social Economy of the Flemish government.

    Qfor FoodScan

    A Qfor FoodScan aims at verififying if your organization's is eligible to be recognized as a quality training organization by Alimento, the Belgian food industry federation.

    Qfor SafetyScan

    During the Qfor SafetyScan, your organization's internal processes are tested against the quality indicators imposed by Contractor Safety Management (formerly BeSaCC-VCA/) in order to be recognized as a VCA examination center.

    What are Qfor-certified organizations saying?

    "It was the first time I'd experienced an audit at such close quarters. Although the audit day is very intensive and requires a lot of energy, it added value to our department."

    The Dive – Unilin Training Center

    "Positive, enriching and qualitative."


    "A great experience, good focal points and an ideal way to optimize the operation of the training center in order to improve quality."

    Vlaams Bijeninstituut

    "Relevant analysis of our processes. It helps in developing ways to improve our system and operations."

    Aforest Belgium

    "The analysis of our activity and the analysis of our procedures and their application gave us a look at habits and areas for improvement."

    ConsulTrans Solutions

    "Very worthwhile. Legitimacy of the quality offered and a frame of reference for our growth."

    Solinfis - Formation et accompagnement pour les infirmières

    "This audit is very thorough. I really appreciated the didactic interest and the added value to our practice. The points for improvement were clear, and we immediately put these improvements in motion. That's what I call a profitable audit."

    La Société Scientifique des Pharmaciens Francophones

    "A great learning moment and at the same time an incentive to be ambitious as an organization and aim a little higher in a number of areas."

    Arcor Maatwerkbedrijf

    "The audit clearly shows where improvement is needed."


    Interested in a Qfor audit?

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