Qfor software

The multifunctional online management tool for quality audits

What is the Qfor Software?

Qfor software is a web application that supports auditors and self-evaluating organizations throughout the entire audit process.

You can record all your findings regarding the demonstrability per indicator and the scores assigned. The tool is versatile, allowing you to integrate any quality standard and incorporate indicators, criteria, and domains in a layered and structured manner.

Regardless of the standard you are assessing, the number of indicators you wish to measure, and the number of people you want to involve in the process, Qfor software ensures your audit runs efficiently.

How does the online audit application work?

  • The audited organization and the external auditor each separately register their input and findings per indicator.
  • Documents supporting the demonstrability per indicator are securely stored in the Qfor software.
  • Entered scores are automatically visualized in graphs, which are an integral part of the audit report.
  • All entered information is stored for the duration of a current certificate.


What are the strengts of Qfor software?

  • Versatile: The application is suitable for any type of quality audit.
  • Multilingual: The tool supports Dutch, French, and English, and other languages upon request. Users can change the language at any time, which is convenient for multilingual organizations.
  • Flexible: Qfor software is suitable for audits conducted by an external auditor on-site or remotely, as well as for self-assessments.
  • Reports: After the external or internal review, Qfor software generates a report with all scores and external or internal observations per indicator.
  • Collaboration: On the platform, multiple people can easily work on the same audit and provide comments independently.
  • Your Timing: Your progress is automatically tracked. You don't have to complete the review all at once but can spread the work over several days.
  • Secure: All data is strictly protected. Want to Make Your Audits More Efficient? Discover Qfor Software.

Want to run your quality audits more efficiently?

Contact us to learn more about the capabilities of Qfor Software and the rest of the Qfor audit toolkit.

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To preserve the independence of the auditing activities, Qfor audits in Belgium are carried out by the audit company CertUp.

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