Reliable audit tools

Every Qfor audit is done with the help of the Qfor audit management toolkit.

A set of valuable, qualitative and structured tools that have long proven their effectiveness in quality audits.

The Qfor audit management toolkit

Whether a quality audit is carried out by an internal or external auditor, it is important that the audit follows a structured plan, uses high-performance digital tools and produces reliable and visible result.

Every Qfor quality audit relies on a set of valuable and effective tools:


The Qfor-audit method

The structured Qfor audit method ensures the effectiveness, reliability, and integrity of the audit process.

It facilitates a consistent audit approach across different organisations and standardization helps in comparing results.

The Qfor-methodology provides the certainty that the quality audits are conducted with the same rigor and attention to detail everywhere.

Specific quality standards and indicators

In general, Qfor audits revolve around the general principles of quality management. At its base, the Qfor model was developed specifically for the targeted testing of quality standards within the Learning and Consulting sector. The Qfor-auditors are primarily familiar with the specificities of training organizations and consulting firms.

However, the Qfor audit methodology allows for the testing of various generic and industry-specific quality standards and norms, hence the offer of the various Qfor Scans.

The Qfor software

Qfor software is the foundation of every Qfor audit. It is a web application that supports audit firms as well as sector federations and self-assessing organizations during a Qfor quality audit.

Regardless of which standard is being tested, how many indicators are being measured, the number of people to be involved in the audit process and the language in which the audit is to be conducted, Qfor software ensures that your quality audit runs efficiently and that the recorded data is kept secure.

The Qfor certification committee

The result of the Qfor audit and whether or not the Qfor Certificate is awarded, is always assessed objectively by an external and independent certification committee,  composed of experienced auditors specialized in the niche of competence enhancement and knowledge-related services.

When an organization conditionally passes or fails the Qfor audit, the Qfor Certification Committee determines the corrective actions to be implemented within a specified period of time to still achieve a valid Qfor quality certification.

The Qfor audit report

After each Qfor audit, a clear and detailed report is produced showing the audit observations relative to the expectations of the standard and a visualization of the auditor's rating for the various indicators.

In the case of a Qfor ClientScan, the audit report includes the most representative quotes from the clients surveyed for each indicator.

The Qfor quality certificate

When an organization passes a Qfor audit, an official quality certificate is issued by the Qfor Certification Committee.  Any organization with a valid certificate can call itself a Qfor-certified organization.

The Qfor certificate contains an official registration number, specifies the scope of activities audited, and indicates the start date and duration of Qfor recognition.

The Qfor logo

After a positive external Qfor audit, an organization can use the Qfor logo visibly and freely in all its communications for a maximum period of three years.

Database of quality service providers

Once the quality of a training or consulting company has been positively assessed through an external Qfor audit, the organization is officially included in the RepQuest database.

RepQuest helps decision makers find and compare quality service providers within the training and consulting market.

Who is the Qfor audit toolkit suitable for and why?

Sector federations and member organizations

As a business federation or sector organization, you have a role to play in monitoring the quality of services provided by member organizations. A sector-specific or tailor-made quality label helps you to ensure high quality standards among member organizations, and also enables your certified members to stand out in the market as quality service providers.

The Qfor toolbox provides you, as an industry federation, with a set of powerful and proven auditing tools to examine the quality of your member companies based on your own industry specific standard, and present it in a positive light.

External quality audit company or consultancy firm

Are you an external quality audit company or consulting firm looking for an online multilingual management system to perform quality audits in an efficient, structured and digitized way? With Qfor software, you do not need to develop your own audit application. The online platform is compatible with both the Qfor Scans as well as other quality standards and indicators.

The Qfor software works according to a proven and collaborative audit methodology and is virtually ready to use once your own specific quality indicators have been uploaded. This makes alignment with your efficiency objectives particularly easy.

Companies interested in self-assessment

Are you interested in an internal analysis of your company's service quality? Do you want to perform a structured self-evaluation, involve various employees, and centrally collect their feedback? Then the Qfor Software and its self-assessment module is a useful and user-friendly tool.

All relevant indicators can be individually assessed by the involved employees and enriched with comments. This results in a detailed report that can be used internally to work towards a common vision.

A Qfor self-assessment aligns everyone within your organization and strengthens business operations.

Interested in the Qfor Toolkit?

Interested in developing a quality standard tailored to your industry? Would you like to get started yourself with the Qfor audit management toolkit? Looking for a tool to efficiently involve internal employees in the audit of your business processes and thus strengthen the quality of your services?

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