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Qfor and continuous improvement

Having applied the Qfor Method hundreds of times, the partners came to the following conclusion: Those organisations which have received the Qfor-label as proof of their quality and professionalism wished to use the evaluation also as a platform for improvement of their management and competitive power.

Qfor and continuous improvementThe Qfor Model has been constructed in a way to fulfill this need. It provides steps for continuous improvement. These steps have been developed  in the context of the Qfor European Collaboration Network.

This Qfor Improvement Feature really provides for significant added value.  To achieve improvement, use is made of new Technologies in each Qfor step, be it ClientScan or ProcessScan. With these new technologies concrete improvement proposals can be acquired with a minimum of work of specialised personnel and at a minimum cost. Some examples:

  • benchmarking
  • evaluation of results
  • self evaluation