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Why Qfor?

The training and consultancy market is in need of dependable audit methods for Quality Assurance. They must be methods which are adapted to these specific forms of service.

On the one hand purchasers of training activities and of consultancy services want to be able to determine the quality and professionalism of the organisations they wish to engage.

Why Qfor ?On the other hand the Qfor Method is the best solution for sectors, for regions, and for institutions which develop or finance training and consultancy activities, because the Qfor Method offers the possibility to carry out evaluations and certifications adapted to their  needs.
In most cases these institutions require their members or their service providers to be in possession of one of the recognized certificates: ISO, EFQM, or Qfor.

Sometimes however they choose to develop their own methods in order to guarantee that the quality requirements are adapted to their specific needs and strategies. In this case the Qfor Method offers a fitting solution by providing the possibility of developing and integrating a specific module.

To conclude: Thanks to the Qfor Method,  Training Institutes and Consultancy Firms can achieve recognition for their quality and professionalism in their markets. This holds good not only for the market in general but also for specific sectors within the market, regions or institutions