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“The Qfor-Label for me is the simplest way of convincing my clients of the quality of our services. To sell trainings is to sell air. When a prospect asks for information about a  training, I always add a 4 page Qfor Audit Report. A prospect believes a third party more easily than the salesman. Besides, the Qfor Method demands the management to analyse certain results further. I experienced the Qfor method as positive".
Raymond Claes
Viafoon - Belgium

"Qfor is the cream of the client Satisfaction Researches."
Yvan Vanlerberghe
Syntra Consult - Belgium

"The Qfor Method works as a “gate keeper”. It is an excellent way of making a preliminary choice. The Qfor Audit Report is very handy when having intake sessions. One can more easily ask direct and relevant questions because one has all the information about origin, fields of activity etc. at hand. This way one has more time to come to the point”. 
Jeroen De Rycker
Organization & People Development Janssen Pharmaceutica - Belgium