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The present network

The purpose of the Qfor European Collaboration Network (EESV Qfor 1998) is to manage and coordinate the Qfor Method and to promote the continuous innovation and adaptation of methods for the evaluation and certification of Training Institutes and Consultancy Firms.

The Qfor European Collaboration NetworkThe EESV Qfor is the Coordinator of the European Collaboration Project QforScan. The aim was to create a 2007 Qfor version in which the audit of processes and the audit of the management of resources were integrated with client satisfaction research.

This new version of Qfor has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the European Commission (Leonardo da Vinci Programme).

The Qfor Project was developed in the context of the Qfor European Collaboration Network. Members are:

  1. Associazione Italiana Formatori AIF (Italy) (www.aifonline.it)
  2. DAHA (Czech Republic) (www.daha.cz)
  3. Directorio de Formación DIRFO (Spain) (www.dirfo.es)
  4. Global Change (Portugal) (www.globalchange.pt)
  5. Maïeutika (France) (www.maieutika.com)
  6. Management Information MI (Belgium) (www.maninfo.be)