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Validation of the method

The Qfor ClientScan has proven its validity and relevance since 1992. It is widely accepted and used by Training institutes, Consultancy Firms and private and public institutions.

Qfor was systematically supported by a Supervisory Board, with a double function:

  • To validate the improvements that are regularly made to the method before their application;
  • To ensure the proper application and use of the method according to the criteria set.

The Supervisory Board consists of representatives from Government Departments, businesses, professional organisations, and associations of Training Institutes and Consultancy Firms.

The actual version of the Qfor method, with the addition of the audit about processes and resources Qfor ProcessScan finds its inspiration in the audit experience gained over the years. After two years of research and fine tuning and several pilot projects, the Qfor method was validated by the Supervisory Board in 2007.

Today, the Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Liesbeth Fivez (Director Provinciaal Veiligheidsinstituut – Belgium)
  • Laurent Gall (Training Coordinator  IPV  – Belgium)
  • Dagmar Hartmanova (Director DAHA – Czech Republic)
  • Chantal Indekeu (HR Competence Manager, De Post – Belgium)
  • Fons Uyttenhove (Director Federdrive – Belgium)
  • Georges Van Steene (Training Manager  Solvay – Belgium)